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Playgroup Trip to Manor Farm

2011 July 21


We all look forward to our annual playgroup trip – a chance to get together as a group and do something a bit special. This year was no exception despite some cloudy weather and drops of rain. Although many of the children know Manor Farm well they were pleased to be there with their teachers as well as parents and carers.

Some of the children had bags of feed and were very impressed with the way the animals gobbled up what they were given. The hens were quite restrained but the piglets and rabbits were extremely greedy!

Our trips are meant to be fun days out but the children learn a lot from them too. For some just getting to see, touch and smell farm animals is a novelty. This broadens their understanding of the countryside around them. For all the children the chance to talk about an interesting, exciting experience is good for their language development too. And being outdoors is of course really great all round, from getting fresh air and exercise to exploring the world – it’s the real thing!

A big thank you to the committee who helped fund raise for the trip. Especially to Mel our co-chair who did a lot of the organisation. We hope everyone who came had a lovely time, and if you have any comments or feedback on the Manor Farm trip please do talk to the staff or Mel.


Catherine (supervisor)


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